Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. Baird & Co. Introduction

Baird & Co. was established as a firm in 1967 dealing in numismatic gold coins of the world moving towards volume dealing in bullion gold as government restrictions eased in the 1970s.

By 1975 the business was actively 'making a market' quoting, buying and selling prices for banks, stockbrokers, coin dealers, retail and wholesale jewellers and other volume traders in bullion gold coins, as well as for private clients, becoming one of the UK's leading trading houses of the period.

In 1977 Baird & Co. became the first private contributor to the Reuter Monitor System, giving price indications on a range of bullion coins to banks and dealing rooms world-wide for more than twenty one years on the page code BACO. The latest Internet technology now makes this information available to private investors as well as wholesalers and trade clients through the Baird & Co. web site

By 1979 the company had progressed into precious metal refining and processing producing a range of carated alloys suitable for the jewellery industry as well as toll refining for clients. The manufacture of precious metal engineered products followed by natural progression and client demand.

Expansion of the company's scrap trading activities necessitated the opening of a branch in the Hatton Garden district in 1987 where over the counter cash trade is still carried out today. Many of the company's products, including a range of gold coins and small bars are also available exclusively to the trade at this branch.

In 1997 Baird & Co. launched the e-commerce Internet website initially selling bullion coins and investment bars online and supplying private and industry clients with the daily London bullion fixing prices. Goldline developed further in 2001 becoming an innovative platform on which Baird's engineered bullion products are quoted for sale on line direct to clients.

The main processing and manufacturing divisions of the business are now located in more than 30,000 sq.ft of high security premises in Gallions Reach, just five miles east of Canary Wharf and conveniently close to London City Airport.

In September 2000 the company was accepted as a member of the London Bullion Market Association.

Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. Investment Products

Having been a major player for over thirty years in international markets for gold bullion coins, Baird & Co. can rightly claim to be experts in this field. Making a market in many of the more popular gold coins as well as stocking a wide range of the lesser known, including numismatic rarities, ensures that the company can always supply something of interest to even the most discerning collector or investor.

Baird & Co. manufacture, in the company's minting division, a comprehensive range of gold bars with a purity of .9999 including 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g, 5g as well as 1oz, 1/2oz, 1 /4oz and 1/10oz suitable for private investors, trade buyers and retailers. These high quality coined bars compete directly in the investment market with national mints producing bullion coins of the same weight.

Good delivery market bars in gold (400 ozs) and silver (1000 ozs) are traded on the London fixings where client orders can be executed through Baird & Co. at very modest commissions. Kilo bars, available in .9999 gold or .999 silver are a popular alternative to the large bars and can also be traded on the fixings.

All investment bars and coins are VAT free and are directly available for purchase through the Goldline website, where prices are up-dated twice daily, or alternatively through telephone contact with Baird & Co. dealers.

The company is always pleased to re-purchase any investment products.

Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. Refining & Recovery

Commercial refining of precious metals is the cornerstone of the Baird & Co. operation. With fast turn round times and the ability to forward sell or make advance payments in US dollars or Sterling the company offers a complete service.

Precious metals are processed and returned to clients either as pure metal or in product form or can be sold to the company after processing.

Metallic scrap is melted in complex induction furnaces to ensure a homogeneous consistency before sampling and assaying. Individual customer melts of a kilo or two or industrial melts of 350-400 kilos can be accommodated in the melt shop.

Using the Miller process for gold refining, chlorine is blown through the melt converting base metals and silver to chlorides. The scrap gold is upgraded to over 95% purity and subsequently chemically treated to produce fine gold of .9999 purity.

Silver is refined electrolytically to a very high standard and the technical sophistication of our process plant ensures full recovery of all other metals found in the scrap bullion. Treatment of spent electrolyte for re-use and the recycling of wash water completes the circle of a fully environmentally friendly process.

Preparation and evaluation of low-grade materials such as sweeps or used crucibles are carried out under strictly supervised conditions to fully account for precious metals contained. This guarantees the maximum return of value for clients who are always invited to obtain an independent assessment of precious metals contained in their low grade material thus removing the possibility of doubt that is often expressed when evaluations are presented for this type of material.

In house analytical facilities include Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) which together with cupellation and titration provide full metallurgical analysis of client's precious metal samples as well as quality control for the company's many products.

As a technically innovative company Baird & Co. have developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency.

Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. Precious Metal Products

Employing a team of highly skilled production engineers and using the latest engineering techniques ensures the quality of all Baird engineered products.

The range includes small gold bars, coin blanks, solder, strip, sheet, wire, tube, wedding ring blanks and stampings. Uniform and consistent hardness, dimensional accuracy and flawless surface are given maximum priority in our production practices.

Full in-house tool making facilities using the latest CAD/CAM design programs and CNC spark and wire erosion techniques are available for clients requiring tooling for their own designs. Product pricing inclusive of tooling or using clients own tooling is optional.

Stampings include coin blanks in many sizes of a consistently high quality suitable for proof coin minting, rectangular rounded edge bars as well as heart shaped, oval and round pendants, crucifixes both plain and fancy, dog tags, cuff link plates or any design that can be produced on the wide range of power presses from 6 tons up to 300 tons for which the company can provide the tooling.

Strip, sheet and wire in a variety of carats and colours are produced to fine tolerances suitable for the most precise production equipment available to the jewellery trade. Fine quality strip is milled in a dust free atmosphere to ensure the minimum of inclusions and all products are finished and annealed to a consistent standard.

A wide range of seamless rolled wedding ring blanks is produced at the company in traditional 'flat', 'D' or 'court' shape in gold, silver or platinum. Extensive modern facilities enable volume production and short order times for a high quality product ideal for diamond cutting or final polishing by jobbing jewellers or volume manufacturers alike.

Precious metal grains produced in the foundry are of the highest quality and are suitable for casting or stamping. Made in the full range of carats and a variety of colours the granulated product list includes .9999 fine and sterling silver, gold in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and .9999 fine, platinum/cobalt for casting and other platinum alloys are also available. All Baird products are made from alloys created using virgin metals such as .9999 fine gold and silver. No scrap is re-melted for use in the company's products, it having always passed through the refining facility before use, thus ensuring that clients are offered only the best quality products.

Many of the precious metal products manufactured by Baird & Co. together with a range of other useful items, such as solder wire, panels or paste, are available for sale through the company's website where prices are updated at least twice daily. Trade credit accounts make purchasing online an easy task and students, jewellers and designers as well as larger manufacturers are all invited to apply.

Successful product development and continuing investment in plant and technology ensures that Baird clients will always receive the best available products on most advantageous terms together with the technical support that is commensurate when dealing with an established market leader in the field.

Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. Additional Services

Investors and traders are offered un-allocated trading in gold or silver where metal may be held on account and traded in a running market or on the fixings with no storage or transfer charges.

An allocated account for specific numbered bars may be opened where bars held for the client in the company's secure facility attracts a small charge for storage and insurance.

Dealing commissions for execution of orders on the London Bullion Market fixings are modest and clients may take advantage of trading this way through Baird & Co. One published fixing price for buying or selling ensures transparency in the transaction and confidence for the client. Baird & Co. are members of the London Bullion Market Association and will be pleased to discuss commissions for business executed on the fixings.

Substantial credit lines are available for eligible clients for many of the company's products. This, together with forward pricing for deferred delivery, advance payments on incoming material and full metal account facilities enables manufacturers using Baird precious metal products to hedge their risks, finance their stocks efficiently and receive the fairest return in the fastest time.

Bianco Rings from Baird and Co. As always our dedicated sales teams are here to help.

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